Military Training and Education

Military Small Arms Instructor Course (MSAIC)

 MSAIC is purpose-built to provide commanders with expert small arms trainers in their formations. This requirement for resident expert instructors is stipulated in current doctrinal publications and numerous commanders' training guidance in recent years.

MSAIC is NOT simply a train-the-trainer (T3) course, as T3 often develops prospective trainers to a level of competency with the tasks and falls short of making them competent instructors. MSAIC is intentionally structured and designed to produce instructors. Blocks of instruction use adult learning theories and methodologies including the Army Learning Concept to professionally prepare attendees for instructional duties. Weapon systems covered are the M9/M17, M4/M16, M249, and M320.

This program builds competency in multiple adult learning theories, the Army Learning Concept, the ADDIE Process, the 8-Step Training Model, training management, program development, and training strategies and requirements. MSAIC culminates with a teaching practicum where attendees put all lessons learned to use in a live environment.

MSAIC is not designed to merely develop small arms instructors. Instead, it uses  a core competency and required task for all members of the formation (weapons proficiency) as a vehicle to develop trainers who are capable of transferring their skills into all facets of individual and small unit training and education while simultaneously increasing individual and small unit lethality.

Military Carbine Trainer Course (MCTC)

MCTC is structured much like MSAIC, but shorter and focusing specifically on the carbine/rifle.

Machine Gun Leader Development (MGLD)

MGLD is designed to further develop leaders with regards to machine gun employment. Topics covered include machine gun history, machine gun theory, planning, fire control measures, and training strategies and requirements. 

MGLD is not designed to be an instructor course. It is a professional development course for leaders to improve their employment of machine guns in the offense and the defense. 

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