Mike Lewis



Mike Lewis is an instruct and consultant focusing on education and skill development. He served as an Infantryman in the United States Army for 20 years, seeing overseas duty in the Republic of Korea and deployments to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His last assignment in uniform was to serve as the 82nd Airborne Division Small Arms Master Gunner (SAMG), where he developed and improved training for the Division and consulted with the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, GA, on improvements to training, doctrine, and small arms weapons systems. Mike has continued  to provide advice on training and doctrine, and has presented training and education on weapons proficiency to units since retiring from the Army in 2015. He has contributed to multiple doctrinal publications, namely Training Circulars (TCs) 3-22.9, 3-23.35, 3-22.240, 3-22.249, and 3-20.40. His article, “Squad Overmatch: Hardware Before Software”, was published in the August-December 2016 issue of Infantry magazine. In addition to working in training and education, he works with industry to leverage technology against capability and training gaps, with the goal of enhancing individual, crew, and small unit lethality in American military formations. Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts in Security Management from American Military University, a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from Capella University, and is pursuing a Master of Education with a concentration in Training and Development.

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